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BMSF NGO Training Institute (NGOTI)

The vision is to empower the civil society & HIV/AIDS Organizations to run efficiently and professionally. The overall aim is to develop a dedicated five year fund to build and enhance management, good governance and leadership capacity among the NGOs and CBOs working in HIV/AIDS in the Secure the Future countries.

Key guiding principles to the legacy program

  • NGOs and CBOs Capacity Building: Professionalize the NGO, CBO &FBO sectors
  • Community Empowerment: Training of board members and volunteers
  • Institutional Development: Create more resourceful and learning organizations in STF countries

Why capacity building in the NGOs?

Given the critical role the CBO's and NGOs play in empowering communities to deal with and manage the day- to-day challenges of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, capacity building and institutional development of Civil Society Organizations are the key effective delivery of HIV/AIDS community initiatives. Capacitated NGOs and CBOs are able to sustain their efforts in addressing the spread of the disease and to support individuals, families and communities in their mitigation efforts.

While the pivotal role NGOs/CBO's play in addressing HIV/AIDS at community level is increasingly being acknowledged, the need for training and development of strategies to sustain themselves remains a major challenge. Poor administration project and program management and uncertainty about sustained funding in this environment impacts negatively on their operations and quality of services.

Some of the main constraints to effective functioning of NGOs/CBO's include poor managerial, administrative and project management skills at local level which lead to inability to access and manage donor funds.

The most critical factor in building the capacity of NGOs and CBO's within NGIOTI is strengthening their Institutional Capacity which includes good governance, leadership, proper management structures and systems. In light of the above, the reality is that capacity building programs should take into account the local context in which NGOs/CBO's operates their needs and resources. This is a critical in the field of HIV and AIDS

The program was launched in 2011 in Ethiopia by CCRDA; Lesotho and Swaziland by Institute of Development Management (IDM), Democratic Republic of Congo by CADICEC; Kenya by St Paul University where prior learning is recognized for participants and modules are being accredited through national qualifications authorities.

BMS Foundation NGO Training Institute virtual capacity-building program develops and builds organizational/institutional capacity and individual skills for the delivery of support and care among non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) working with HIV/AIDS. In the past five years NGOTI has created relevant and replicable training modules on best practices in management, good governance and leadership. We also have self assessment tools on these eight (8) training modules.