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Harnessing and Building on Partnerships

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation SECURE THE FUTURE (STF) Technical Assistance and Skills Transfer Program (TAP), launched in 2007, evolved out of what has grown into a $180 million groundbreaking commitment called SECURE THE FUTURE. BMSF STF was initiated in 1999 in five southern African countries to enhance medical research and care and community-based outreach and support for women and children affected and infected by HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.

 TAP provides technical assistance, capacity-building tools and seed funding to extend community-based approaches to fighting HIV/AIDS to an expanding number of African countries and communities.

TAP utilizes a faculty of experts from Africa with community engagement and program management skills. This faculty is comprised of former STF grant recipients and partners. Uniquely, TAP represents a philanthropic program that has grown in impact, even with reduced cash contributions, through a "South-South" model of skill- and knowledge-transfer across Africa using human resources and community-based solutions.

Partnerships with governments, NGOs, individual experts and partner organizations are central to TAP, whose faculty members are located in 10 African countries. Each relationship began years earlier when these groups were funded by STF for various community-based interventions. They help train others and serve as positive role models.

TAP was recognized by the CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) with its 11th annual Excellence Award (President's Award) in 2011. Among projects currently supported: community mobilization, voluntary counseling and testing, orphan and vulnerable children programs, prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, income generation programs, HIV management, home-based care and psycho-social support.

Our  partnerships: